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How do I contact Go2Paper for support or sales?
What's the benefit for the Paper Buyer?
What's the benefit for the Paper Seller?
What's the cost to participate?
How do I register?
What do I do once I'm registered?
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How do I post paper to sell?
How do I post additional items?
How do I edit or delete a listing?
What do I do if a buyer makes an offer?
How do I view and accept/reject a PO?
Can I email my listings to potential buyers?
How do I sell paper in an auction?
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How do I find paper in the MarketPlace?
Can I ask the seller a question before making an offer?
How do I make an offer?
How do I view the status of my offer?
I received a counter offer, what do I do?
The seller accepted my offer, what do I do?
Can I add more than one lot to my Purchase Order?
How do I create a Purchase Order?
How do I check the status of my Purchase Order?
Can I edit or cancel my Purchase Order?

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What is Go2Paper?

Go2Paper offers e-business solutions for paper users who wish to buy, sell, and manage their paper inventories. The company focuses on providing online tools for the printing and writing paper market servicing the buyers and sellers in the Retailing, Cataloging, Publishing, Distributing, Converting, and Commercial Printing Markets.

The company offers four primary services. These include: Paper Marketplace- a source to buy and sell excess paper inventory with complete end-to-end transaction capability. Paper Manager- an online solution to help paper buyers manage their paper orders with their suppliers and printers; Private Web- an online solution for paper sellers to manage their own private site to sell paper; and Professional Services- our team of developers can help build a custom solution.

The Company was founded by Paper Industry veterans and is very focused on continuing to provide paper users with the right tools to help them manage their business.

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How do I contact Go2Paper for support or sales?

Go2Paper is based in Oakland, California.
Mailing Address: 6114 LaSalle Ave, #283,
Oakland, CA 94611

Phone: 510-336-0602
Email: support@go2paper.com

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What's the benefit for the Paper Buyer?

There are a variety of benefits for the paper buyer. First, the service provides the buyer with a means to quickly find paper you need during crunch time. Ever fall short on your paper needs right before print time? Well, Go2Paper may have the stock you need to complete the job. Second, you can manage all your paper buying on the site via My Go2Paper or subscribe to the Paper Manager to manage all your paper orders. All your transactions are kept on your My Orders page for easy access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Third, you can use our Reverse Auction to solicit bids from suppliers to get the best price and quality of the stock you need. You control the auction by setting the maximum price and the time frame. The sellers then make offers and the lowest offer wins. Forth, can't find the paper you need? We provide you with an RFP form for you to send out and manage all your RFP's. Everything is transacted via the site so you don't need to mix and match from a variety of spreadsheets or systems.

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What's the benefit for the Paper Seller?

As a supplier, you have the ability to sell your inventory to the thousands of paper buyers on Go2Paper. Rather than just relying on a few sources, you can post your paper to sell and make it available to all the buyers. This way you increase your chances of selling your paper at the best possible price. You can also sell your paper via our auction format, which is controlled by you. You simply fill out the auction form, set the minimum bid and watch the buyers submit their bids. You can also keep track of all your listings on your My Listings page. Here, you can edit, delete, or add any new listings with ease. Using our system, you can post your paper listings in minutes.

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What will it cost me to participate?

Registration is absolutely Free! There is a transaction fee charged to the seller of 5% of the total transaction.  There is a minimum $100 transaction fee.  It's free to post products and to use the service and we only make money when one of our buyers purchases your paper. If you wish to subscribe to our other services: Paper Manager or Private Web, there is a nominal monthly service charge and a set up fee may apply. Call us for details.

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How do I register?

If you are not registered on Go2Paper you must do so prior to using the service. Go to www.go2paper.com, click the "register" link on the top of the home page, and take a moment to fill in the registration information.

You will need to review and agree to the Membership Agreement by clicking "I Accept" at the bottom of the page prior to entering the site. The Membership Agreement includes our fees (5% transaction fee and a $100 minimum), which only apply to the seller once the paper is sold. There's no fee to the buyer for using the marketplace. Once you are registered, you will be able to post paper directly on the site. For Private Web customers, Go2Paper will need to assign you to your PW after you have registered and then you'll be able to post products to your PW.

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What do I do once I'm registered?

Once registered, you enter the "My Go2Paper" page. This page is the control panel for all your transactions:

  1. My Profile allows you to edit your password, registration data, or email address book.

  2. My Paper Alert, for buyers this service will notify you via email when a paper is posted that matches your requirements. It also provides a quick way to view the inventory that matches your interest. Just fill in the Paper Alerts, as many as you wish, and you will receive an email showing the listings that match your Paper Alert.

  3. My Orders, as a buyer, this page shows records all the orders placed by the buyer.

  4. My Listings, as a seller, this page shows all your listings posted in the MarketPlace. A seller can edit, delete, or add new listings from this page.

  5. My Bid Requests keeps track of any RFP's sent or received.

  6. My Offers, for the buyer and seller, this page will keep track of all your offers and provide the current status. Once a buyer makes an offer, they can view their My Offers page to see if the seller has responded. See My Offers below for more detailed information.
The logos on the right side of the page show:
  1. Private Webs, click on a logo to view the inventory from that seller. The MarketPlace has many other sellers, the Private Webs are for those companies that want to extra exposure for their inventory and they also enjoy other benefits. In most cases, listings that are in the Private Webs are also in the MarketPlace but that decision is up to the owner of the Private Web. There is a nominal set up fee for a Private Web.

My Go2Paper

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