How Do I Buy Paper?

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We've provided buttons throughout the site.  Just click them to pop-up additional help.

You can also click "Help" on the upper right for FAQs.

Register or Login:

If you are not registered you must first register on Go2Paper by clicking the "Register Now" link on the main page, or click "Register" above.  Once registered, you are free to use the service per the terms of the membership agreement.  If you are registered you must first login before buying or selling paper.

Browse or Search for paper:

Are you buying rolls or sheets?  If rolls, the rolls tab at the top of the page should be blue. If not, click the tab and you'll be in the rolls section. If sheets, click the sheets tab and the page will turn green and you'll be in the sheets section.

You may find paper by either:  clicking on one of paper categories at the top of the page, or the "Buy Paper" link, filling out information in the search box, or click on the auction tab to view the auction listings.  Sellers list most of their paper in the Marketplace, however, there are usually a few items in the auctions.  Once you find the paper you want, you may either make an offer on the stock, bid on it if it's an auction item, or make the purchase at the seller's asking price.

You may also click on any of the Private Webs located on the right side of the home page.  These companies with their logos displayed have posted their inventory in one convenient location for buyers to view.  Just click on a logo to view and purchase their paper.

Making Offers:

Once you find the paper you want, you may make an offer on the stock by entering your price and clicking "Submit Offer".  The offer is sent directly to the seller for review.  The seller may accept, decline, or submit a counter offer and you will receive an email notification once they make their decision.  If the seller accepts your offer, you then issue the PO by clicking the "Buy Now" button on the offer page.  All PO's must be sent using the Go2Paper Marketplace.

Bid on Auction:

If the stock is in an auction, then you may submit your maximum bid, which may be equal to or greater than the minimum bid price.  If you submit a bid higher than the minimum bid price, then the system will bid for you up to your minimum bid.  Once you submit your bid, you will know immediately if you are the high bid.  If the seller has a reserve price unknown to the buyer, then the reserve price must be met or the seller does not have to sell to the high bidder. 

Making Purchases:

If the seller accepts your offer, you've won an auction, or you want to make a purchase at the seller's asking price, the steps are the same.  Find the paper you wish to purchase, and on the details page, click "Buy Now".  Fill out your PO#, bill to and ship to address if required, and continue to the next page to view the PO.  If approved, click "Submit PO" and it will be sent directly to the seller for approval.

If the seller accepts your PO, you will receive notification via email from the seller and the pick-up or ship to location, along with the contact information will be on the PO.  You may then contact the seller regarding any details.

Records and status of your PO's will be located on the My Orders page.

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