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In an era of technological innovation and exchanges built to facilitate activity among the paper industry supply chain, it was recognized by the founders of Go2Paper that a practical yet effective tool did not exist to manage the communication and process needs of paper manufacturers, printers, converters, merchants, and most importantly the end user. The paper industry veterans of Go2Paper have used their own day-to-day market experiences built upon the dynamic and volatile nature of locating supply, effectively pricing and managing paper resources to create a suite of services that will be your solutions to buying, selling, and managing your paper inventory.

The Go2Paper team saw the need to provide services that would allow paper users to manage and maximize their paper orders. By developing tools that would enable paper buyers to manage their paper orders and then sell off any excess paper, the paper buyers would maximize their paper inventory and most importantly, profits.

The Go2Paper mission is to enhance this marketplace and maximize the profitability of buyers and sellers that utilize Go2Paper as their solution for buying, selling, and managing their paper inventory.

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