How Do I Sell Paper?

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We've provided buttons throughout the site.  Just click them to pop-up additional help.

You can also click "Help" on the upper right for FAQs.

Register or Login:

If you are not registered you must first register on Go2Paper by clicking the "Register Now" link on the main page, or click "Register" above.  Once registered, you are free to use the service per the terms of the membership agreement.  If you are registered you must first login before buying or selling paper.

Post your paper:
  1. Are you selling rolls or sheets?  If rolls, the rolls tab at the top of the page should be blue. If not, click the tab and you'll be in the rolls section. If sheets, click the sheets tab and the page will turn green and you'll be in the sheets section.

  2. Click "Sell Paper" on top of the page to bring up the form to post your paper in the marketplace where buyers can make offers on your paper.  Another option is to place your paper in the auctions, where buyers bid on the paper.  Most of the paper is being posted in the marketplace, however, if you want to post paper in the auction, click the "Auctions" link on top of the page and click "Create an Auction".

  3. Once you fill out the form, click "Add As a New Listing".  Your paper is added immediately to the Marketplace. You can continue to add new listings by clicking the button "use the previous form", or you may go to the My Listings page, click on a lot number and change any data and add the new listing.

  4. At any time, you may go to the My Listings page to edit or delete your listings.

Buyers may submit offers:

  1. When a buyer makes an offer on your paper, you will receive an email notification first so you don't need to always check out your inventory.  You then go to the My Listings page, click on Offers Received, or the Offer for that listing.  Once on the Offer page, you may accept, decline, or submit a counter offer.  Your reply will be sent to the buyer.

  2. When you accept an offer, the buyer will then need to create the PO, which again you will receive an email first and you'll view the PO by going to My Listings, PO's Received.  Click on the PO # to accept or reject the PO.

  3. If the paper is being sold fob sellers dock, then you will need to fill in the pick-up address on the PO.

Invoice the buyer:

Once you accept the PO, you will then invoice the buyer via your own accounting system.  Go2Paper automatically invoices you a transaction fee of 5% of the total sales for inventory.  There's a minimum fee of $100 per transaction.

Establish Credit Terms:

At any time during the offer process or the PO process, you may ask the buyer for credit information by clicking "Ask the Buyer a Question" on the offer page.  Most purchases on done on credit, however, it's up to you as the seller to determine the credit terms.  Make sure to have the credit established before accepting the PO.

Note:  You are not obligated to sell the paper to the buyer even if you accept their offer.  However, once you receive and accept the PO, you are then obligated to sell the paper. Nor, is the buyer obligated to issue a PO after you accept their offer, however, they are obligated to buy the paper after you accept their PO.

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