Go2Paper, established in 1999, provides Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for the print and paper industry, allowing production departments to better manage print and paper forecasts, purchases, and inventory with their paper suppliers and printers. has developed three cloud based spend management platforms targeting specific audiences in the print and paper industry. members include many of the largest retailers and publishers, providing greater collaboration and improved efficiency with their paper suppliers while increasing transparency for production of inserts, catalogs, books, and magazines. members include corporate print buyers and brokers along with their suppliers looking to improve their print spend for all types of printed products. also offers an online marketplace where companies can buy and sell paper and packaging materials, once again providing a more cost effective way to sell their excess inventory while creating opportunities for paper buyers.

Our Mission

Go2Paper's mission is simple: to bring greater efficiency to the print production, paper ordering, and inventory management process by developing collaborative technologies and services for buyers, printers, and suppliers. The core values of the Company are focused on listening to the customers and asking lots of questions on how we can help improve their day-to-day operations through technology innovation, then using that feedback and acting on it by developing features to meet their needs, often taking very complex situations and creating simple to use tools to solve the issue.

The bottom line is that our customers are our best critics and we take pride in working hard and never being satisfied while exceeding their expectations.


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